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Phoenix Web Technologies

Our Philosophy

Most of our clients came to us after having bad experiences with low skill web designers. These experiences were frustrating, as well as expensive, and often resulted in the website being rendered almost completely unuseable. If this sounds familiar to you, feel free to get in touch with us.

There is an unfortunate tendency for people who know next to nothing about the technical parts of the internet to nevertheless call themselves web professionals. Such people often do not even know that they are not competent, preferring instead to blame something other than themselves for their errors.

Our Goal

We build our sites with two things in mind: first, that we will be taking care of it in the future. Second, we also build it as if we were never going to see it again. This means your code will be fully commented, correctly written, as error free as we can possibly make it, and written and designed to a professional level. This is standard in the programming world, but is unfortunately not as common in the web world.

Our goal is to deliver a site to you that will work today as well as tomorrow. Because bad page code is very difficult to work with, we don't do it. Creating well done web pages is not that much harder than making sloppily written pages, but those poorly done pages are extremely difficult for anyone else to work with.

While we always work to make your site as technically good as it can be, we don't worry you with the details of that. The one thing that you can be sure of is that we will always try to make choices that work best for you.