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Phoenix Web Technologies

Site Rebuilding

We have a great deal of experience with rebuilding websites, and can usually deliver a rewritten website that looks almost identical to your old one. The major difference is that the site will be highly optimized, will be completely search engine friendly, and, most important, will be very easy to maintain.

Usually when we receive a request for rebuilding a site we first take a close look at the existing site's code. After reviewing it, in most cases we find it is easier, and cheaper, for us to simply rewrite the site than to try to go in and fix the maze of errors that programs like Dreamweaver or Frontpage tend to create when used to build a website.

The Process

Depending on the size and complexity of your site, we can usually have the site rebuilt within one or two weeks. Larger sites, and sites with unrecoverable code, can take longer.

When we rebuild your site, it will be written to avoid the errors that made you come to us in the first place. All pages will be changed to full CSS, any programming that will aid in the long term maintainance of your site will be created, and any images used will either be reused, if possible, or regenerated.

If you are interested in getting your site rebuilt, feel free to get in touch with us.