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Phoenix Web Technologies

Welcome to Phoenix Web Technologies

Our goal is to create a website that works for you now, and in the future. This means building your site using the latest technologies, though never at the cost of useability and functionality. Our sites load fast, search engines love them, and so will you.

We create sites designed to be as flexible, and as expandable, as possible. Quality and long term maintainablity of your new website is our main priority.

About Us

An overview of our design and construction philosophy, containing an explanation of our approach to working with the web. We take no shortcuts and deliver a product that works perfectly the first time.

Your website is a reflection of your organization. A great looking website serves little purpose if it can't be maintained. Search engines won't find your content. Visitors will not stay once they have arrived. We however, are your solution.

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View our websites. Examples include technical specifications and general information about each site.

We present a case study in the expense of hiring the wrong web design company in current project (visualworkplace.com).

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How to Start

We help you assemble everything you will need, ensuring you attain exactly what you want.

Every website is a new creation. However, there are basic guidelines which help to avoid common obstacles and delay in the development of your website. We inform you of these issues to assure a purely productive experience.

Our goal is to have your website up and running in the shortest possible time, without sacrificing quality in the process. What you get from us is the best possible site within your budget.

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We offer a range of reasonably priced services including webhosting and webmastering, the maintenance of your functional website (setting up your emails, site statistics, and so on).

Our job is to spare you from dealing with unnecessary technical mumbo jumbo by taking care of problems before they get out of hand.

Unlike many web design companies, we consider our involvement with you an ongoing process. We intend to develop with you as your needs expand over time. We offer no excuses. We simply work to solve your problems as quickly as possible.

We usually also maintain the websites we build, though we are also happy to either build you a new site from scratch, or repair an existing site.

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Client Information

This section contains basic information needed by clients, including instruction on how to send and receive files, image processing, and so on. There are also links to client resources, such as our technical assistance forum.

We have found that the process of building and maintaining your website will run smoothly if some relatively simple procedures are followed.

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A listing of the most frequently asked questions received at Phoenix Web Technologies.

As a rule, we try to answer all of your questions, but have found that people often ask very similar questions. We have posted answers to the most common of these.

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Please feel free to get in touch with us if you want to get started on your new website. We also welcome questions concerning your existing site.

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