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Phoenix Web Technologies

Who We Are

Phoenix Web Techologies is a group of like minded designers, programmers, and site builders. Since each component of making your website involves very different skillsets, we each do the part we are best at.

We have found that as a rule designers are not very good at the more technical aspects of website construction and maintainance, while programmers are not very good at design. We use each other's strengths to give you the best product we can.

Webpage Architecture

This is the meat of making your new site. This is the person who actually writes the page code that makes what you see on your browser work, and work correctly. We write out page code only to the highest standards, and would never consider putting out a substandard product.

Other tasks usually done by this person include helping you create your basic page and site architecture. In other words, the logical layout of your site, the navigation, sub sections, which piece of information goes where, and so on.


We work with several designers, or can also work with your designer if you want to maintain an existing organizational style.

When we work with outside designers it is very important for them to be in ongoing contact with us before the project actually starts in order to avoid any problems that might arise if they want to do something that is technically problematic. If they follow some basic guidelines, there should be no problems in the process.

Over the past few years, we have worked with the following designers: Jeff Bogard, from Portland, Oregon. Sonia Cabestany Montardit, from Barcelona, Spain. Michele Perez, from Los Angeles, California. You can see samples of their work in our portfolio pages.


Programmers are the people that make things like shopping carts work, along with all dynamic aspects of your website. This site, for example, is completely dynamic, which means that each page you click to reach is generated at the moment you request it.

Most programming is done inhouse, with the exception of any serious database programming. Since programming is extremeley difficult to do, we try to use only people with extensive real world experience. Redoing bad programming is neither cheap nor easy.

This is why we prefer to use only people we have had direct dealings with in the past. If you have a programmer that you have worked with in the past we will however consider working with them if their work meets our standards.


When required, we also can help with the following:

Just let us know your requirements and we will find a solution that fits your needs