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Webmaster Services

The webmaster for your site is the person who takes care of all the day to day maintainance for you. Most of this is of a highly technical nature, although some is fairly basic. The webmaster is basically a jack of all trades in the web world, but few successful sites can run without one.

Updating the Site

One of the main jobs of the webmaster is to update your site's content. This can range from daily updates to monthly. The webmaster works directly with your site's code, and fixes and adjusts it if necessary. Any improvements and modifications to the site's code will also be done by him usually.

Emails and Spam

All our sites are delivered with anti-spam features built in. This means that your email address cannot be easily be lifted off your site by email gathering 'spiders', whose job it is to scour the internet looking for unprotected email addresses.

One reason we use only Pair Networks, aside from their being one of the highest rated web hosting companies in the world, is that they have a very good antispam feature built into their system, much better than for example Earthlink's in our opinion.

The webmaster makes sure that your site has the latest in email spider protection built in and kept upto date. This can result in a massive decrease in the amount of spam you receive on your site's email accounts. Keep in mind, however, that no matter how good a job we do on our end, if you ever put your real email address on any other unprotected site on the internet, you can be absolutely certain that an email harvesting spider will find it. Once this happens there is nothing you can do.

The webmaster also takes care of your email accounts, setting them up, changing and deleting them as needed, and any other email related services you might need.

Site Statistics

The webmaster also makes sure that you are receiving the site visitor statistics you need to see which areas of your site are succeeding, and which might need more work. He will use these to help you decide how to proceed with your site modifications and updates.