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HTML: HTML 4 transitional
CSS: advanced, full div/css construction
Javascript: text rollovers
Multimedia: PDF files

EnVisionLeadership.com Envision Leadership.com is one of our more technically interesting sites. It is made out of all positioned <div> tags, and features a nice user friendly text rollover thing, put the mouse over the blue links on the page, and the text changes instantly to the next text item.

This site also features several more advanced CSS techniques, such as the blue quotation marks, complex positioning of page elements, while maintaining site display stability. We tried to stick to the original design as much as possible, since it was a pretty good one. The site designer's name is not known, unfortunately.

HTML 4 was chosen because we will not be maintaining this site, so we picked the least difficult HTML version to work with. The site is optimized for search engine placement, and has replaced an earlier version that was done in full Fireworks graphics, all images, no text, so no search engine positioning, massively slow loading pages, etc. The current site's pages now load in about 3 seconds for the first page visited, and about 1 second for each subsequent page, over a dialup modem. Obviously, over broadband the pages load more or less instantly.

Envisionleadership offers only basic Netscape 4 support because of its complex design and construction.



HTML: XHTML 1.0 transitional
CSS: Full
Javascript: Navigation events, gallery popups
PHP: Menus, gallery pages
Multimedia: PDF files, image gallery

KauaiTeamChallenge.com Kauai Team Challenge.com is a Training / Team building ropes course located on Kauai island (Hawaii). The designer is Sonia Cabestany, from Barcelona, who we are very happy to be working with.

It features custom programmed top and left navigation bars, and loads fast even over dialup connections.

The site features advanced CSS formatting throughout, but still works more or less on Netscape 4.x browsers through some light javascripting of custom CSS.



HTML: Standard
CSS: Full
PHP: Menus, Gallery pages
Multimedia: MP3's, RealMedia, Quicktime, streaming video, PDF files, image gallery.

loscenzontles.com We built this site for a prominent Mexican Arts center. We do not do the current maintainance of this site. The site was optimized for search engine friendliness, and was made to be low tech friendly, which means it looked and worked fine on Netscape 4.x browsers. Some of the site features are not currently as well maintained as they were when it left our shop due to coding and navigation errors by its recent webmasters.

LosCenzontles.com was designed by Michelle Perez.

The site offers many streaming media files, audio mp3's, realmedia, and quicktime. It also has streaming video. There is also a large photo gallery section with scripted pop-ups of the thumbnails.