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We offer a full range of services, from building (or rebuilding) your website, to the ongoing process of maintaining it and setting up all the technical stuff you probably don't want to deal with (like email management, site statistics, and so on), and finally, of course, to designing the site*.

Our websites are handcrafted, with custom coding and programming. This is a difference that you can see, and so can your users (and, especially, search engines). We believe that it's more important to put out a quality product that is designed from the ground up for growth and maintainablity than to just whip out another mediocre website.

There are many people out there who call themselves 'web designers', but unfortunately the vast majority of them know nothing more about web design and coding than is involved in opening their Dreamweaver or FrontPage software—with predictable results: bad, unmaintainable code, buggy, inconsistent page rendering, and page programming that often simply doesn't work, or only works in certain browsers.

If you have had this kind of experience, or are just looking to get a new website, feel free to drop us a line. We will be happy to try to find a solution that works well for you, whether it's making you a site from scratch, or rebuilding and repairing your currently existing website **, at a very affordable price.

* We can also help you create the content for the site, although this will add quite a bit to the price, so we like to encourage our clients to have a person on their staff who takes care of that part of the job.

** Many times it is more cost effective to simply make an entire new site, although we can always rebuild your old site if you prefer.