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Phoenix Web Technologies


We can either host your site for you, or set up your own hosting account. We use only Pair Networks because they are consistently rated as one of the top web hosting companies in the world. And our experience has backed this claim up time after time.

Phoenix Hosting Package

If you don't want to deal with any of the technical parts of website hosting, we offer a very attractive startup deal. For $100 a year we will host your site, and register your domain name.

This package comes with the following features:

This package is only available to clients who use us to do all their webmastering work, and offers no direct access to your website files. This restriction is necessary to protect the security of our other clients.

Pair Full Service Hosting

If you need more disk space, or direct access to your site's files, or more email addresses, we can set you up with a full service account with Pair for a very reasonable fee.

Because we have had so many problems with inferior hosting companies, we would prefer not to work with any other hosting company. Pair gives the most disk space in the industry, has excellent customer and technical support, and costs either less or the same as their competitors. Since we use them exclusively, this cuts down significantly on the amount of time we have to spend problem solving.