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Using Email and FTP Programs

FTP (file transfer protocol)

Please use FTP for any file transferring as a rule. Our email is set to not accept any email with a size over 300 KiloBytes. For example, a single Microsoft Word document is around 50-100 KB in size.

We will generally set up an FTP tranfer folder for you, either on your website, or here at Phoenix Web Technologies. This is the easiest and most efficient way to move files that are larger than 50-100 KiloBytes in size, especially when there are multiple files.

We will be happy to help you set up your FTP program if you aren't familiar with how to do that, or you can find directions for setting up WS_FTP here. It's easy to do, and makes for much more reliable transfers of files, especially large files, or large groups of files.


Email is very good to send us very brief change requests, for example to change a word on the page. All other changes should be sent as Word documents. This saves you both time and money, since we can then just copy in your changes to your web pages. If you are only asking for a small change involving one page, just send the document as an attachment by email. If you need more than one page changed, send the Word documents via FTP.

However, due to the volume of emails we recieve, we have found that it is too easy to lose track of various client change requests, and ask that you try to send your changes via FTP whenever practical.