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Technical Information

Error Free Code

You can check any of the sites that we say are error free for yourself by using the WDG HTML Validator, which allows you to validate up to 100 pages of any website (please note that we block this feature on many of our sites to protect the sites).

However, you can still check any of our sites' individual page using the W3C.org HTML Validator .

CSS, Javascript, and PHP Library Files

All websites we make feature full CSS linked library files, no significant page level CSS, linked javascript library files, and usually PHP library files. We do this to make the sites easy to maintain, modify, and to be as flexible as possible.

A linked library means you can change and control the whole site's programming or formatting from one place, without having to go in and change every page.

Here are some samples of our websites. The sites range from older sites that were built with full support for Netscape 4 and Internet Explorer 4 to very modern sites using the latest techniques.

All our sites are guaranteed to work in all major browsers in the world (our goal is for them to work well in 99% of all browsers), and to allow the remaining few to still have good access to the site's contents.

Our sites are easily maintainable, flexible, expandable, and most important, fast. This performance is designed in from the ground up. Every site we do is built to be completely accessible to search engines. This has often resulted in top ten positionings for the desired search terms in the larger search engines like google or yahoo.

Most sites also feature some page programming to make the overall maintainance of the site even easier. This is all part of our philosophy that the web site we build you should work as well as it possibly can within the constraints of your budget.

If you use us to make your website, we guarantee that the site will be delivered to you with zero errors*. This protects you from having to listen to excuses about why some feature doesn't work for some user, and gives you an objective standard to rate the quality of our work by. Very few website builders offer such a guarantee, but we wouldn't think of not offering it.

Please browse through the categories below to see some samples of our work. We have included a brief overview of the technical information for each site, as well as some background on the site's purpose.

* There are times we will use techniques that are techically 'errors' in order to make the page work better, but in general we try not to use such methods, and we will always inform you that we have done that.