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Creating the Content for Your New Website

Using the basic navigation / table of contents we have created as a template, we now will need to assemble the various components of the site.

Practically speaking, we will use either your existing site's content for this, plus adding anything you might want, or you can generate new content.

Despite how simple this sounds, we have found that this is the major stumbling block for many people when they are starting out to make a new site.

It's Not Necessary to Have all the Content Done

It is important to keep in mind one thing when starting to generate new content: not everything has to be done before the site goes up, in fact, it is quite common to create the basic site, and then to fill in the content as time and resources permit. You have probably seen 'Content Coming Soon' notices on new sites in the past.

Remember, it is always better to have 80 or 90% of something up than to have 100% of nothing (this is a programmer's saying, one we have found to be quite true). The faster your site is up, the faster search engines will find and index it.