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HTML: 4.01
CSS: Partial
Javascript: drop menus, gallery popups
PHP: menus, gallery pages, contact page, forum
Forums: phpBB, with modifications.
Multimedia: MP3's, RealMedia, Quicktime, PDF files.

Danzon.com We are happy to be involved with the cuban music site, Danzon.com. The site is the main online promotional tool for Orquesta la Moderna Tradición. This is a basic website, designed by Sage Baggott. The site has proven to be quite effective in getting the Orquesta offers from many prestigious venues, including the Lincoln Center in New York and the Ford Amphitheatre in Hollywood.

This site, like many of the sites we do, was a full rewrite of the original, Dreamweaver generated code. It has recently been optimized to achieve high google rankings in several categories.

The site offers many streaming audio files, audio mp3's, realmedia, and quicktime. We have just done a partial rewrite of the site, bringing it up to HTML 4 standards (except for the forum), and introducing more CSS into it for greater flexibility and maintainability (except for the forum). We also added some drop menus to make navigating the site easier.

Danzon.com was built to work and display without any major errors in Netscape 4, although the latest CSS upgrades have slightly degraded that support.



HTML: HTML 4.01 Strict
CSS: full
Javascript: None
PHP: menus, page components

patohoffmann.net PatoHoffmann.net is the main promotional site for the actor Pato Hoffman. It highlights the many components of his career, and includes numerous galleries and interview samples. Pato Hoffmann is a leading actor, and works primarily in Native American roles, although he has a wide range of interests and capabilities.

The website was made using advanced positioned CSS and <div> tags only, with no tables. This results in very clean, fast loading pages, and also very easily maintainable pages. Because the primary header uses a flash object, we decided to use the <embed> tag for greater cross browser support, so if you try validating the pages you will find that technical error.

Pato is returning to work in Hollywood after an extended stay in Bolivia. This new site is designed to be an informational source for both studios and fans.



HTML: XHTML 1.0 Strict
CSS: full
Javascript: cookies, page sizing, browser detection, clock
PHP: menus, many dynamic components, forum, browser detection

techpatterns.com TechPatterns.com is our main Tech site. It, like this one, serves two purposes: first, it is a testing site for advanced CSS, HTML, and PHP techniques. Second, it is where we have our forums, and where we put the various obscure technical web stuff that we find interesting.

The site gets very high search engine rankings for its focused topic areas, and has just been rebuilt. It was made with iframes, we switched it back to flat pages for better performance and user friendliness. The new version of the site uses real 3 column div/CSS construction, and seems to be working fairly well.

TechPatterns.com is in an ongoing process of being seriously updated, we have cut quite a bit of stuff off of it in the last six months, and are now beginning to add new content. We hope to keep growing the site, since it has become quite popular for its niche areas.

The site only works properly on modern browsers, although it works fairly well on Internet Explorer 4. It offers several interesting options to its visitors, including the ability to set the site width dynamically, as well as the option to display the header section or not.