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All pages are written in error free HTML, either HTML 4 or XHTML 1


All our pages are created using full Cascading Style Sheet technology for ease of maintainance and to give us the best possible control of the site's formatting and 'look and feel'.


All our sites are hosted on Pair.com, which is among the most reliable web hosting companies in the United States.

About Phoenix Web Technologies

It is our goal to create a website that will work for you now, and in the future. This means a site that is built using the latest technologies, but never at the cost of useability or functionality. Our sites load fast, search engines like them, and so hopefully will you.

Basic Principles

We make every website we do as if we were making it for ourselves. Since we frequently have been hired to rebuild sites done without this kind of care, we have come to appreciate how important it is to build a website from the ground up to be as maintainable and flexible as possible.

About our Website

This website uses several different methods to make it work. Click the link if you want to learn more about how dynamic websites work.

Most generic web designers do the opposite: they want to get your site done as soon as possible, give no thought to future changes or maintainance, and will sacrifice almost every aspect of your site to reach this goal.

Such sites will look fine when they are delivered to you, but will be basically useless over time. We do not believe in this way of working. We have seen sites put up by web designers sit there unchanged for years because their code and basic design is completely unworkable.

Time Frame

We will work with you to get your site up and running in the very shortest time possible. Depending on your needs, this can be done in as little as 1 week after we have received the final design and information architecture for it.

Open Standards

We work only with non-proprietary, open web programming and hosting solutions. This runs from HTML itself, to Javascript, to PHP programming language, Apache Web Servers, and Unix or Linux web servers.

You will never get stuck having to update your site based on some arbitrary decision made by some company, like Microsoft, or in having your web server destroyed by the latest Microsoft directed virus or trojan (example).

All the technology we use to run and host your site is, and always has been, open. Not only are these solutions more reliable, stable*, and secure**, they are also cheaper for you.

* Reliability and Stability — No web servers in the top rankings of server uptime run Microsoft Operating systems. The very highest tend to run freeBSD, which is what Pair, our web hosting provider uses.
** Security — Microsoft Servers and IIS web server are notoriously open to hacking and other attacks. While Microsoft promises improvement, the numbers simply don't agree with their claims. Almost all major viruses attack only Microsoft platforms, which are filled with gaping security holes, and require constant updates, some of which can crash the system.