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Change Requests

Send Change Requests in a Text Document

We have found that using a program like Microsoft Word, or OpenOffice.org Writer, to send your change requests works very well, one document per web page, ideally. If there are many changes, it is also a good idea to send an overall change request document that covers all the changes.

Simply write down what you need done, including all linking, page titling and so on, and any other necessary information for the change or page creation request, then send it to us and we'll take care of the rest.

Feel free to add any such information as required for the specific job—generally the more clear and explicit you are, the easier, and faster, we can do it. This saves us time, and you money. Please include any extra information that is relevant to the project, such as possible deadlines or temporary holds on certain aspects of the project.

Special Characters in Word Documents

We can easily change your Word documents' special formatting characters, such as ‘single quotes’, “double quotes”, ™, ©, ®, —, – and so on into their HTML equivalents using a small macro we have written for MS Word. This gives your web page as clean and neat a look as possible, and is part of the way we avoid the generic text formatting problems found on many web pages.